At the end of the Global Entrepreneurship Week, on 2/12/2020, Rowad Foundation organized a dinner invitation for prominent personalities from stakeholders in the Yemeni entrepreneurial environment.

The list consisted of representatives of the government sector, the private sector, local organizations, international organizations, investors, businessmen, universities, banks and microfinance institutions.

The event was attended by more than fifty personalities from the aforementioned sectors.
They participated in a discussion session about building an entrepreneurship system in Yemen. 
Session participants:
Sumaya Mustafa (ROWAD Foundation - Executive Director), representing local organizations.
Mahmoud Al-Junaid (Prime Minister - Deputy Prime Minister), a representative of the government sector.
Sharaf Al-Kebsi (National Microfinance Foundation - Executive Director), representing microfinance institutions.
Safia Al-Jabri (Small and Micro Enterprises Development Agency - Executive Director) representing the non-governmental organizations.
Ghamdan Al-Ansi (Networld Systems - Executive Director) representing Yemeni investors.

In the discussion, each representative addressed the roles of each sector in building an effective and a vibrant ecosystem. In addition to the diversity of attendees and their eagerness to establish a healthy ecosystem, many partnerships were discussed.