Vocational training


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Start at

Tuesday , 15th October , 2019

End at

Thursday , 31st December , 2020


  • Hadramout
  • Sana'a
  • Taiz

During the last 5 years, the number of unemployed youths has increased due to the commercial firms’ closure. Youth are now in need of new opportunities that they could create to help their situation. ROWAD foundation through StEPs project focused on providing new skills for Yemeni Youth so they could create their own jobs. During the year 2020 ROWAD created a plan to execute several vocational training courses. The core focus was on how to support youth and get the best possible skills. So, the best approach was to study the need during the time of the project and the location of the training.

Target Group

18- 36 female and male

Project Progress Rate



  • Trainings in Sana’a
Solar Power Maintenance
This skill is very much needed in the northern areas as most of the population in these areas depending on the solar systems. Also, the need for solar power, maintenance is highly requested from the farmers who are depending on solar power to irrigate their lands.
Mobile programming and maintenance
Due to the huge number of mobile in use and the rapid development of this market, the maintenance for such devices is becoming a trend in the local market. Creating jobs through this training encouraged females also to get engaged. The training focused to support female candidates as well as males.
Hygiene Production
Due to the covid19 pandemic, the need for sanitization increased worldwide. Therefore, many labs opened in Yemen to help to provide the needed sanitization items. The course was created to provide youth with the basic and critical topics to support them understand this market and what is needed from the government entities. The course focused on both making items as well as the standards they need to follow.
  • Training in Taiz:
Motorcycles Maintenance
This course was planned to be implemented in Taiz city as the main transportation in Taiz city is Motorcycles. Making such a course helped the youth of Taiz in gaining the skill needed to open their own workshops.
  • Training in Hadramout:
Boat Engine Maintenance
Fishing is one of the most important life skills in Hadramout. Therefore, StEPs project vocational training focused on how to provide youth with one of the skills that support the economy in Hadramout and also at the same time they could create their own job. The selection of this course was critical so many youths could either open their own workshops or they could be patrol personnel who could go with fishermen to provide their service on board.


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