Supporting local products initiative


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Start at

Saturday , 12th December , 2020

End at

Saturday , 26th December , 2020


  • Taiz

Supporting local products is a critical factor for Yemen’s economical state especially with the current situation. Encouraging local businesses to manufacture and grow products of high quality helps support the brands and businesses right in our country. Producing locally supports brands and stimulates the economy, and ensures that we have abundant choices when it comes to products and services. It is also an essential component of green living; locally produced items do not need to be shipped across the country to get to us. To promote that Rowad Foundation, under STEPS project launched an initiative devoted to supporting the Yemeni coffee product through the implementation of a set of activities such as involving stakeholders in the planning phase of activities that correspond to the needs of this sector.


This component was targeted at those that are interested in the coffee sector; whether they are start-ups, entrepreneurs, or training companies that take part in coffee production and exporting. It is also targeted at people inside or outside of Yemen. It was not particularized for a specific age or target group, as long as their nationality is Yemeni.

Target Group

18- 36 female and male

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