Entrepreneurship & Employment Program


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Start at

Wednesday , 19th August , 2020

End at

Friday , 29th January , 2021


  • Hadramout
  • Marib
  • Sana'a
  • Taiz
Entrepreneurship program:
A lot of startups fail before even getting a chance due to the lack of research and not developing a proper plan before kicking off a project. The success of any project always increases when it is carried out in a steady and suitable plan. As we believe in the youth, we aimed in the entrepreneurship program to increase those chances by building the capacity of the youth needs in the following governates (Sana’a – Taiz – Hadramout – Marib) Our mission was to guide them on how to conduct proper feasibility studies and the skills needed to manage their small enterprises and also to qualify their projects to obtain financing from various micro and small finance foundations.
Employment Program:
A lot of youth have the knowledge but not the skills needed to develop a career, through this training that is led by our champions, this training was aimed to qualify groups of young university graduates in various disciplines and refines their skills such as writing CVs and preparing for interviews, searching for jobs, accessing markets, business skills (including developing business plans), freelance business management and social media marketing, financial skills, and resource mobilization to keep pace with the needs of the working market and enhance job opportunities in Yemen, as well as creating training job opportunities with local companies and foundations in order to conclude employment contracts with them in the future.


Target Group

18- 36 female and male

Project Progress Rate



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