BlockOne Competition

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Start at

Monday , 1st September , 2014

End at

Sunday , 19th October , 2014


  • Sana'a

ROWAD Foundation kicked off its first business competition for Yemeni entrepreneurs to help young people of Yemen start their own businesses, with the support of the American Embassy in Yemen. The competition engaged aspiring Yemeni entrepreneurs (skilled professionals, fresh graduates, serial entrepreneurs, business degrees graduates) in a rigorous and rewarding experience. A total of 240 applications were accepted through a specific timeframe, and out of those 98 startup ideas were evaluated against a certain criteria to end up with 18 teams (50 entrepreneurs) that were chosen to attend a 3-Day Training Bootcamp that took place in Sana’a. The finalists presented their ideas in front of a panel of leading businessmen and woman, and six teams were chosen to join BlockOne Acceleration program.

Target Group

Skilled professionals, Fresh graduates, Serial entrepreneurs, Business degree graduates

Project Progress Rate



Engaging aspiring Yemeni entrepreneurs


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