Ana Mehani

After I graduated from the College of Computer Science, Department of Information Systems, I joined a job with a reputable company working in telecommunications technology sector. One day, while walking to work early in the morning, I passed a public street in the capital, Sanaa. I noticed a large crowd of workers and this number doubles as each day passes by which was very hurtful to witness because that indicates a rapid and frightening rise in the unemployment rate in Yemen during the current situation. At that moment, I felt determined to find a solution or at least contribute to helping this marginalized group in society to find job opportunities that connect them with a wide range of clients and employers to improve their daily income.
At the end of the last quarter of 2014, ROWAD Foundation held a BlockOne competition for innovative and entrepreneurial projects in Yemen. We signed up with the project idea of Ana Mehani and won the first place of that competition which then lead to us joining the incubation BlockOne, one of the programs of the Entrepreneur Foundation, ROWAD. BlockOne aids Startups with necessary space for work, training, public services, specialized counseling sessions, and finally networking. These services help in accelerating the growth of startups. After that we began the development of the idea into a miniature model until the site was officially launched in May, 2015. All that in the epicenter of escalation and deterioration of the political situation in Yemen; where the choice of many large and small companies was whether to close their offices or lay off their employees to adapt to the stifling crisis in Yemen. However, with the grace and help of Allah, the “” platform achieved modest achievements in providing decent numbers of job opportunities. At the end of October 2015, we were able to launch the trial version of the "" application. 
Likewise, the Ana Mehani platform got the opportunity to participate in the annual anniversary of the International Federation (ITU) in Switzerland 50 years after the 100th as one of the 150 inspiring projects around the world. Since the launch of the platform on May 5th, 2015 the platform has provided more than 797 professional job opportunities for more than 2,500 applications, and the platform is the first of its kind in linking professionals, craftsmen and other workers in Yemen. In 2016, the platform generated job opportunities worth more than $14,000, which is equivalent to more than 4,000,000 (Four million) Yemeni riyals. On the social responsibility side, the platform has a strong partnership with some international community organizations in Yemen and works on training young professionals in developing skills and practicing professional work. The platform has trained more than 317 professionals in several professional fields.