Kidpreneur Program

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Start at

Monday , 16th November , 2020

End at

Thursday , 19th November , 2020


is a program that consists of three main events (Seminar, Robotics Workshop and a Bazaar)

the Kidpreneurs Seminar was designed to teach kids the basics of entrepreneurship, each kid discovered what they can offer and were trained on how to turn their idea or talent into a small business.

They learned the importance of studying the market and pricing with implementing a small field visit in alnuzaili building where they visited different offices in the building and asked different employees short questions to help them understand potential customers and to figure out the need in the market.

the activities that they participated in was the coach’s way to engage the children and to keep their energy going and the kids loved it every much and what amazed us is that they even marketed their business in the process and tried to persuade the people they went to come and buy from them; they were very happy and excited for the next step which was the bazaar.

the number of participated kids in the seminar was 32 and the age range was from 5 to 12

the seminar occurred in the first day of the GEW Monday the 16th of November at BlockOne with the trainer Eman Almaktari the coding academy coordinator in ROWAD and an entrepreneur who created her own freelancing platform Eshobak

the other part of the program was the Kidpreneurs Robotics which is a two days (Monday the 16th of November and Tuesday the 17th of November) training for kids who are interested in building and figuring out codes this training teaches kids how to build a robotic game and make it move via figuring out a simple pattern. this training was in partnership with the coding academy of ROWAD, where they provided the coaches and the robots.

this training was as described by the kid very fun and engaging and they were very excited to work together and to make their robots move. and as stated by the coaches (Adhwa Alsamei, Khawla Shaiban and Thuraia Alnood) all female graduates from the coding academy that this training was refreshing and a very fun and exciting experience.

the third and last event in the program was the Kidpreneurs Bazaar on Thursday the 19th of November that happened at BlockOne where all the kids who attended the seminar got to sell their products and live the experience of being a business owner for one day.

The products varied from food, drawings, handmade doll essentials to electronic devices. each kid was given a booth to design and display their product in the way they want it.

the bazaar was visited by family members, friends, outsiders, our Facebook audience, ROWAD team and BlockOne members.

Target Group

Kids from age 5 to 12
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