UniEC (Universities Entrepreneurship Competition)

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Start at

Sunday , 15th November , 2020

End at

Saturday , 21st November , 2020


This competition was designed for business university students in Sana’a, where 4 universities (Sana’a University, University of Science and Technology, Twintech, and the Lebanese International University) competed. each university chose one team from their students the team consisted of not more than 5 members and their mission was to present a business idea that falls under 7 criteria: Interpersonal skills, Key Partners, Key activities, Identifying Customers, identifying market, Profitability and Scalability the winner of this competition was promised a prize of 2000$ given by Tadhamon Bank and NMF (Naional Microfinance Foundation).

before the presentation the teams were obligated to attend two trainings that we believed will help them create the perfect pitch for the judges, the first training was Business Model with Mr. Ahmed Mubarak where they learned how to build their business model and how to make their business applicable the second training was a pitch deck training with Mr. Abdullah Alarasi who presented them with the 7 criteria’s and helped them build their presentation accordingly and he also gave them a chance to present their ideas during training in order to give them tips and help them build a pitch that includes all the points he judges need in order to score the idea.

after the trainings the teams were given two days break to build their pitch and to prepare for the big day host of the finals was the Lebanese International University one of the participating universities. on the finale each team was given 15 minutes to present and answer questions, all the ideas were presented by the team members the judges were Mr. Abdullah Alarasi from Tadhamon Bank, Mr. Ahmed Qasem StEPS project manager, Ahmed Mubarak BlockOne trainer and entrepreneurship expert and Sundos Aleryani Financ Manager, NMF.

the audience consisted of the sponsors, the universities representatives, MFIs, Banks, Investors and students.

all the teams were awarded by Al-Amal Bank and in addition to the award from the bank the host University awarded every team with 500$ presented from LIU President Dr. Rida Hazimi

While the team who won the 2000$ was Glee Golf the team from the Lebanese International University due to them getting the highest scores the team consists of three members (Yousef Zabarah, Mustafa Eshaq and Thuraia Alkumaim)

Target Group

University Students in Sana'a
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