IGNITE - Yemeni Coffee

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Tuesday , 17th November , 2020

End at

Tuesday , 17th November , 2020


Ignite was a three series event in a panel discussion form each event discusses different entrepreneurial topics

One of the events was Yemeni coffee which was on Tuesday the 17th of November. In this event we invited three of the most well-known people in the world of Yemeni coffee: Ghaleb Alhamasi, Abdullatif aljaradi and Ghaleb Alemadi each one of these people has been working in this industry for years now and have experienced ups and down and have accumulated knowledge that is very inspiring and important that we thought should be shared with people.

during the discussion many aspects of the business in the coffee industry were revealed and they shared their valuable journey with audience who were very intrigued and interested to learn

Target Group

Entrepreneurs - Startups - Coffee lovers
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