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Wednesday , 18th November , 2020

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Wednesday , 18th November , 2020


The second event of the series where we invited three well-known banks in Sana’a to provide us with needed information about the financial technology, they provide their customers the banks we invited were:

Altadhamon: One of the largest and most trusted banks in Yemen which was founded in 1996 and is very known for bridging the gap between the modern banking requirements and the essential values of Islamic banking legislation. they as well have a very well-known mobile banking app that is Mahfathati and Through it, the clients perform their financial operations, such as transferring and making payments, and buying from international websites via a mobile phone.

YKB: one of the most trusted banks in Yemen which have been established 40 years ago and has proven to be consistent and trust worthy. YKB provides YKB Mobile which is an electronic service for their customers which helps them use the financial services of the bank via their phones using the app without having to go to the bank.  

Alkuraimi: It is safe to say that Alkuraimi bank is one of the most well-known banks all over Yemen it is a bank that every Yemeni either has an account there or has used its services and despite it being a new bank for it was licensed in 2010 but it has proven its strength and capability in winning the customers trust and satisfy their need. al kuraimi has two very famous bank apps M Floos which helps users do financial and banking operations through their mobile phones and Kuraimi Jawal (An electronic service that helps the bank’s clients manage their accounts in KIMB; pay bills, transfer money, transfer amongst accounts and exchange currencies in their accounts in the bank using the mobile phone)

all the banks chosen are banks that everyone knows and who established themselves in the minds of customers and the speakers from each bank were people who actually work in the unit that is related to FinTech. during the event we invited two international speakers in the same field in order to share experience and also understand the impact that FinTech has on the world not just in our society the speakers were Digital Frontier institution and Victoire Annabelle Umutesi Microfinance advisor in ICCO Cooperation.

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Startups - Entrepreneurs - Banks - Financial Service Providers
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